Free spins in online casino game

Quite often in the field of online casinos, you can find mention of free spins. They are described on colorful banners and in advertising, and their terms and quantity are reviewed by experts and reviewers. In our review, we will look in detail at what it is, how to get them, and on what terms.

What are free spins in online casinos?

First of all, you need to understand the definition. Free spins, they are free spins. They are one of the two main types of bonuses in online casino game, along with free money. However, unlike the latter, free spins can only be used in slot machines.

In fact, it is a certain number of spins of the reels in a particular slot. At the same time, when we say “spins”, we mean any one-time game actions, since it is known that there can be a variety of mechanics in slot machines. For example, there are models with an “avalanche” system (Gonzo’s Quest) and others.

In addition to the online casino bonus, free spins can have another meaning. Free spins are also called a type of bonus game in a separate slot machine. Usually, the stage starts when three scatters appear on the screen. Bonus free spins are different from regular spins by various bonus options – multipliers, frozen symbols, lines or reels, random wilds, and other features. Anyway, in our review, we will talk about free spins as a bonus in an online casino.

How do I get free spins at an online casino?

There are several main ways to get free spins at online casinos. Here is a basic list of features:

  • Welcome bonus
  • Reloads
  • Loyalty program
  • Gifts for the player’s birthday
  • Individual incentives
  • Tournaments and lotteries
  • Cashback.

When we talk about welcome bonuses, we mean both a no deposit bonus for registration and a package for first deposits. Free spins can be provided either independently or as a supplement to the main boost. In the second case, spins are often given out without any wagering requirements at all. Reloads are the same bonuses, but on a permanent basis, provided, for example, once a week.

A loyalty program consisting of several levels can also offer a certain number of free spins as a reward for achieving the next status. On their birthday, players usually receive money from gambling establishments, but prize spins can also be awarded.

With individual rewards, everything is clear – they are issued to players for a special activity, or Vice versa-to those who have not played for a long time. In general, a personal approach. Quite often, notifications from the casino about the accrual of such a bonus are sent by email or SMS.

Winners of tournaments and lotteries at csgo gambling sites can also receive free spins as a prize, along with other gifts – money or material rewards (tourist trips, gadgets, jewelry, and so on).

We also mentioned cashback, and it was done for a reason. The thing is that winnings in online casinos are never stable. And if it so happens that the player has failed, then he can often count on a refund of part of the funds. It is rare, but there are cases when cashback is performed by issuing free spins without a wager or with small wagering.

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